» Double d-Papillon 630w

Double d-Papillon 630w

New addition to the Papillon family with all the benefits of the standard d-Papillon, only this time with double the lamps. Dimmed to 50% the lamps move into a very blue spectrum, ideal for early growth of the plant.

When you are ready for the bloom phase the Double D can be boosted up to 120% and the spectrum of the lamps turn more red (with still a fair amount of blue to give a full spectrum) this fixture is without doubt the most efficient luminaire at watt per micromol/second.

Why Use Double d-Papillon 630w

  • Open reflector concept
  • Dim and Boost ultra-high frequency ballast; 315w to 760w
  • 2x Agro 315w CMH lamps
  • Higher density Vega aluminium reflector with only 1% annual depreciation
  • Patented open reflector design increases efficiency to 95%, promoting longer bulb life due to reduced heat build up
  • Driver efficiency > 95%.
  • 3 Year warranty on fixture, 1 year on bulb

How To Use Double d-Papillon 630w

The open Reflector Concept. Lights Interaction’s patented reflectors have a yield of 95% (measured in a laboratory certified by the British Standardisation Institute). Using a completely different production process, Lights Interaction is able to use a reflector material of a high surface density and ultra-high reflection capacity. The reflector is designed to reduce the ‘heating-up’ of the lamp to the minimum possible extent. As a result, there is a lower drop in the light output of the lamp in the course of its life. In short, our reflector produces more light (light output of 95%- Light Output Ratio), a broader beam of growth light that penetrates deeper into the plant and lower lamp luminosity rate thanks to a relatively low reflector temperature.

The values achieved by these reflectors are as much as 10% higher than conventional reflectors, resulting in more PAR light to the canopy while trapping considerably less heat, which is allowed to rise away from the canopy more efficiently.

Product Specific Downloads

   Double D 630w Data Sheet