» Great White Granular

Yield enhancing premium granular Mycorrhizae

Great White Granular 1 is an OMRI approved organic beneficial substrate inoculant. It contains a superior blend of single species mycorrhizal fungi (Glumos Intraradices) that once established, increase the surface area of your root system 100 – 1,000 times. This greatly increases the nutrients and water available to your plant, what results is a larger more robust plant. Partner this up with a diverse blend of beneficial soil bacteria that help cycle nutrients to your plant and you have one seriously alive and dynamic substrate! Use at planting time, when transplanting or add to existing plants. Don’t plant without it!

Why Use Great White Granular

  • Reduces drought stress, water and fertilizer needs
  • Increases flowering and fruiting
  • Increase water storage and nutrient uptake, especially Phosphorus
  • Promotes root growth and plant establishment
  • Improves soil structure

How To Use Great White Granular

When transplanting, spread the granules at the bottom of the planting hole. While filling the planting hole, it is good to spread some around the roots.
Mixing with Soil and Coco:
Mix 4 to 8oz with every 50 litres of medium.
Existing Plants and Gardens:
Make holes 2-3 inches deep and 6 inches apart around the plant, use 1 tsp per hole for optimal performance.